God Wastes Nothing

When you start questioning your existence and identity, remember: God wastes nothing.


I Am Nothing Without Him

How I realised that the most wonderful part of working for myself is witnessing and experiencing DaddyGod’s presence in all aspects of my life.

I Give You Love In Return

How God showed me that He always, always love me. No matter who I am and who I am not; and what I do and what I did not do.

I Am A Child Of God

How God, through telling me to be baptised, broke my bondage of my fear of commitment.

God Gives Me Confidence

How God answered my prayer when I asked for confidence and power to go through a presentation when I was sitting on the toilet bowl.

God Has My Back

How God turned thunderstorms to bright blue sky and a beautiful sunset for me.

In Him I Trust

How I woke up from my 4-years slumber and rediscovered my new purpose in life through the love and grace of God.